The Case for Donating to a Few Specific Advocacy Groups

While there is no substitute to pounding the pavement at a march, or calling or visiting your local reps to make your voice heard, there are times — as we are beginning to see with Trump’s executive order on immigration — when our battles will need to be fought in courtrooms by those with intricate knowledge of the Law. All of this work costs time and money and it will add up very quickly (something that Trump — no stranger to litigation — is surely counting on).

The following are extremely effective advocacy groups, all of whom could use our donations as early and often as we’re able:

  • When it comes to civil liberties, constitutionality, and ethics, the American Civil Liberties Union has been out in front of Trump since day one, post election — and they get results.
  • On immigration in particular, the National Immigration Law Center is a well-run, much needed, and effective resource.
  • With regard to climate change, Earthjustice‘s mission is very specifically that of environmental advocacy via litigation. And they have an admirable success rate.
  • With a Republican majority, lobbying groups liberal lobbying groups lose traction, and we sometimes have to depend on high-visibility PR/advocacy campaigns. Few have been better at that game over the years than Greenpeace.
  • With Trump threatening to effectively deny LGBTQ equal rights, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) will be leading the defense in court.
  • And, as our focus shifts to reproductive rights and the open seat on the Supreme Court, support for Planned Parenthood and NARAL will become even more critical.

NOTE: For an expanded list and more information, see our Donate to Effective Liberal Charities page.