It’s the Russia, Stupid

Yesterday’s New York Times article (“Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence”) is deeply disturbing, but (unfortunately) not at all surprising. Remember, we knew about — or at least had grave concerns about — Russia months ago (back when Trump was insisting “No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.”).

Among other things, it seems increasingly clear that Trump and his associates colluded with senior Russian official in tampering with the US presidential election. Others can dicker over whether that’s “treason” or not (certainly smells like it), but these are arguably impeachable offenses.

russianflagTax returns matter, because they would show the depth of foreign business dealings and entanglement, but forget the Flynn “resignation,” forget the Trump dossier and the potentially-embarrassing urine-soaked kompromat, and focus on the thing itself. Russia. Trump. Ties. Collusion. Election tampering.

We must push Congress to show some spine and investigate further. We must let proper journalists dig. We must play upon the patriotic nationalism of the right and apply constant pressure on this particular point of failure. And we must do it now.

Have a look at a site like All Sides, where stories are best seen from multiple viewpoints/graded news sources. It is very telling — if not damning — that the sole take from the right this morning is a 115-word “story” that relies exclusively on the tweets of single, fabulously unreliable source who tends toward ungrammatical hyperbole, and exclamations like “UNFAIR!” and “SAD!”

In other words, momentary spin vacuum.

The right will certainly backpedal, crank up the spin machine, and respond. We need to hit them hard now, before they have time to find their footing. Now is the time to focus. Now is the time to pounce.

Ask your senators, ask your representatives to support a proper independent investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia.